Rolex Air-King Date 5700 (Circa 1967)

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Model Code: 5700
Referred to by many as the ‘Warrior Watch’, the Rolex Air-King has a rich, fascinating history extending back to the 1930s. Manufactured originally to pay homage to Royal Airforce pilots during the Second World War, the Air-King has evolved into a symbol of utmost finesse, prestige and importance. This particular model from circa 1967 incorporates many elements of hallmark Rolex design, featuring Rolex's signature cyclops magnifier over the date window at 3 o'clock. Made from stainless steel, this 5700 model measures at a comfortable 34mm diameter. This model boasts a crisp silver dial and is presented on a robust Oyster bracelet. This example is also accompanied by its original outer packaging and a Rolex service pouch. This treasure from of the world’s most recognisable watch brands showcases the classic finesse of Rolex models of the late 1960s. Truly the classic watch of reference.